The 1st Hexagram as a Framework for Quantum Health

The I Ching Accesses DNA

The I Ching is an Ancient Chinese oracular spiritual technology. Via quantum mechanics the I  Ching accesses the DNA of an individual and brings a message that is perfectly appropriate for the energetic matrix of the circumstances surrounding the querent. All over the world since time immemorial, First Nations People have intuited this type of spiritual technology and used them to sustain their people and their way of life. It is only in the last 2000 years that the predominance of left brained logical thinking has driven this type of spiritual technology to the brink of extinction. Through implementation of hyper erotic imagery and focus and the drive toward elevating technology and automation at the expense of the inner creative, generative being, all done in the name of progress; a wedge has been driven between you and yourself. A hyper-critical, over stimulated existence is one way of looking at what has resulted. However, that is only one way of looking at it.

The I Ching consists of 64 energy configurations known as hexagrams. ‘Hex’-meaning “6” and ‘grams’-“recording”.  Each of the 64 hexagrams consists of a six line configuration of a yin-feminine archetypal energy and yang-masculine archetypal energy. The 1st Hexagram is the master yang hexagram of the I Ching and sets the stage for the flow, evolution and devolution of the energetic interplay.

There are numerous translations of the I Ching one that I use most often is the Wilhelm-Baynes translation. Essentially, the 1st hexagram boils down to this statement

… the original meaning, the attributes [sublimity, potentiality of success, power to further, perseverance] are paired. When an individual draws this oracle, it means that success will come to him from the primal depths of the universe and that everything depends upon his seeking his happiness and that of others in one way only, that is, by perseverance in what is right.

These four attributes form the foundation of quantum health

  • sublimity-meaning greatness beyond allpossibility of

    The Potentiality of Success

    calculation, measurement or imitation.

  • potentiality of success-the essence of the yang energy is motion and thus movement in a way that produces an end of attempting to achieve or the power to achieve enlightenment
  • power to further-energy to go beyond what is before you
  • perseverance in what is right, necessary, true-the Tao

Therefore,  the 1st Hexagram lends itself well as a the groundwork for dynamic and far-reaching change. This change is not to go back to what once was. Rather, to further in what is the Way for this Time. What I am proposing is a return to self and the knowledge that comes from within. By beginning to break down the matrix of self-abnegation and self-denial. We can nurture the Divine spark within each one of us.  Can you imagine the kind of world we could build if we put as much energy into positively developing one another as we do in tearing each other down, through judgements, fears, and non affirmation?


6 Healing Sounds to Consider Expansion

Early in my development a dear friend of mind introduced me to Mantak Chia’s Transforming Stress into Vitality. This small paperback book introduced me to a world of energy development and healing that continues to be a part of my daily existence. What seemed at the time to be unrelated parts of my life–the anger, worry, and deep sadness I felt–Mantak Chia revealed in this work as an intimate connection between the manifestations of the inner state of my organs. Not necessarily the physical organs per se, but the organ function.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, the liver function governs the flow of energy through the blood around the  entire body. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine illustrates the effect disrupted liver energy has on the body, “”Liver is like a general, and plans and schemes are made from here.” When we experience anger we produce an inhibition in the  forward movement of our life force to all of the major organs and therefore we become stuck in our lives. This can be seen in the movements of an angry person. Their movements can appear sudden with jerking limb actions that stop and start suddenly rather than move smooth and effortlessly. Or someone experiencing depression may find it difficulty to make it out of bed or sleep late into the day. This expression represents a liver energy that is bound and rarely moves or moves very slowly– known as binding liver depression. Each organ has a balanced and unbalanced expression.

It is this kind of knowledge that Mantak Chia employs in an easy to understand accessible manner. With the The Inner Smile practice he teaches us to get into true knowledge of self. To experience our inner state, become aware of our organs and sense and feel them. Many people are not even aware where their liver or other organs are located within the body. In fact many men and women speak about their body in terms like “down there” or their “guts”. This kind of knowledge of self should be taught from the very beginning of our education. It would go along way toward stemming the need for many pills and medications.

In his treatment of the six healing sounds Mantak Chia begins with the lungs, however, I have found that beginning with the liver sound works better for my body. It is possible that he may begin with the lungs to start with a purification process. Each person is different which is the reason there are so many chi kung forms and sets. The element of wood corresponds to the liver and is the sound shu. Next, is the fire element that governs the heart and makes the sound har with a soft h. Then, we have earth which goes along with the spleen whoo (like blowing out a candle). Next, is the element metal which functions with the lungs and the sound sss. Then, we have water that goes with kidney and the sound shree. Finally, the practices ends with the triple heater sound heee which can be done lying down or seated and goes with three different tones a high-pitched, middle and low-pitched hee at three different levels starting over the head, progressing to the middle of the body, finishing with below the navel. In the Mantak Chia version the sound occurs in a wave that is visualized from above the head and progresses through the body like a giant steam roller over the body.

If this subject interest you, I would suggest looking for this book as a an introduction to further guidance in your area. If you are in the Tucson area perhaps we can touch bases for further study and discourse. Feel free to email me or post any questions or comments that you may have. I welcome the opportunity. 


New Thoughts for the “New Year”

“What we have here… is a failure to communicate.” — spoken by The Captain, the imperious prison warden from Cool Hand Look 1967

I always remembered watching that when I was a little boy.  In fact that is the only thing I remember about the whole entire film beside Paul Newman getting his *ss kicked throughout the entire film.  But that quote transmits so much of what is reflected in how we relate to one another. In this society we have a serious issue with attaching ownership to emotions and things that we profess to love. However, when we examine the way we often treat those we claim to love, I believe that we could all agree that it is anything but a reflection of our own need to feel important. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote the 5 Love Languages, which speaks about how we interpret love in 5 primary ways and how to understand your own way of understanding love so that you can broaden, as well as, get your needs met in relationships.

For example, my children are little people that come into the world to reflect a particular experience that is to be played out in the theatre of family dynamics. This process compresses and brings individuals through various experiences that may one day culminate in an Aha! moment for them.  Yet they accumulate so many of life’s complexities that seemingly take them away from their Aha! moment so that year after year, layer after layer is placed upon the mask that eventually becomes who they present to the world and who they convince themselves they really are.
Yet what many of us reflect often is an amalgamation of expectations, beliefs, wants, wishes and desires of those around us, which in many cases has very little to do what with what we originally sought to reflect in the world.

My thought for this “New Year” is to allow communication to reflect the values of what we want to see in the world.  The things that we want people to remember about us.  The impact that we want to have on the world.  If you currently do not know what impression you would like to leave upon the world, then, that should serve as a  path of discovery to this level of communication. This process won’t always be pretty, it won’t always be what you want to hear, but if it is coming from a place of love make sure that it is true, kind, necessary or better than silence (a jewel of Zen passed to me by my friend Shaila).


The Healing Power of Chi

I once had a student in her late fifties coming to my chi kung class. She had been in a very serious car accident and had a broken arm and could barely move her neck. Her appearance was somewhat distressed and she had a worn look on her face as if she had not been getting much rest. I allowed her to come to class and do as much as she did, which was very limited to her physical condition. Within two sessions of particiapting in our group class her appearance and color was much improved. She stated she felt better and was able to move with less pain and she attributed much of her ability to make the transition in her healing to the chi kung.

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