The 1st Hexagram as a Framework for Quantum Health

The I Ching Accesses DNA

The I Ching is an Ancient Chinese oracular spiritual technology. Via quantum mechanics the I  Ching accesses the DNA of an individual and brings a message that is perfectly appropriate for the energetic matrix of the circumstances surrounding the querent. All over the world since time immemorial, First Nations People have intuited this type of spiritual technology and used them to sustain their people and their way of life. It is only in the last 2000 years that the predominance of left brained logical thinking has driven this type of spiritual technology to the brink of extinction. Through implementation of hyper erotic imagery and focus and the drive toward elevating technology and automation at the expense of the inner creative, generative being, all done in the name of progress; a wedge has been driven between you and yourself. A hyper-critical, over stimulated existence is one way of looking at what has resulted. However, that is only one way of looking at it.

The I Ching consists of 64 energy configurations known as hexagrams. ‘Hex’-meaning “6” and ‘grams’-“recording”.  Each of the 64 hexagrams consists of a six line configuration of a yin-feminine archetypal energy and yang-masculine archetypal energy. The 1st Hexagram is the master yang hexagram of the I Ching and sets the stage for the flow, evolution and devolution of the energetic interplay.

There are numerous translations of the I Ching one that I use most often is the Wilhelm-Baynes translation. Essentially, the 1st hexagram boils down to this statement

… the original meaning, the attributes [sublimity, potentiality of success, power to further, perseverance] are paired. When an individual draws this oracle, it means that success will come to him from the primal depths of the universe and that everything depends upon his seeking his happiness and that of others in one way only, that is, by perseverance in what is right.

These four attributes form the foundation of quantum health

  • sublimity-meaning greatness beyond allpossibility of

    The Potentiality of Success

    calculation, measurement or imitation.

  • potentiality of success-the essence of the yang energy is motion and thus movement in a way that produces an end of attempting to achieve or the power to achieve enlightenment
  • power to further-energy to go beyond what is before you
  • perseverance in what is right, necessary, true-the Tao

Therefore,  the 1st Hexagram lends itself well as a the groundwork for dynamic and far-reaching change. This change is not to go back to what once was. Rather, to further in what is the Way for this Time. What I am proposing is a return to self and the knowledge that comes from within. By beginning to break down the matrix of self-abnegation and self-denial. We can nurture the Divine spark within each one of us.  Can you imagine the kind of world we could build if we put as much energy into positively developing one another as we do in tearing each other down, through judgements, fears, and non affirmation?


6 Books 2 Consider

6point_redblueWe have structured our conversation and collaboration to pivot around 6 points of consideration. This approach honors our perception of sufficient (Sufficient vs Unlimited) talent, goodwill, love and resources, everywhere.

Nurture that which is near and Trust that Love carries far

QMH | Male Health 101 |6P2C | 6 Reference Books 2 Consider

africanholistic21Book 1 | Master Health & Healing Reference
Africa Holistic Health | buy
author: Dr. Leila O Afrika
ISBN-10: 1881316823
ISBN-13: 978-1881316824
website: Dr. O Afrika’s official site

siddharthaBook 2 | The Heroe’s (Initiate’s) Journey
Sidhartha | buy
author: Herman Hess
ASIN: B0015FN05Q
website: Wikipedia

superiormanBook 3 | The Modern Ways of the Divine Male
Way of the Superior Man | buy
author: David Dieda
ISBN-10: 1591792576
ISBN-13: 978-1591792574
website: David Dieda’s official site

imagedb1Book 4 | A Warrior’s Perspective on Liberation
Bhagavad Gita | buy

translator: Stephen Mitchell
ISBN-10: 0609810340
ISBN-13: 978-0609810347
website: Wikepedia

beewayBook 5 | The Shamanic Path to Well Being
Shamanic Way of the Bee | buy

author: Simon Buxton
ISBN-10: 1594771197
ISBN-13: 978-1594771194
website: Simon Buxton’s official site