6 Points to Consider

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We are shifting from expansion to contraction in every aspect of life. Spiritualists refer to time speeding up. Scientists speak of a contracting Universe. While economists marvel at massive retractions in cycles of productivity. Practical wisdom suggests that Conservation and Creativity are the organic response to such dynamics.

Conserve Vital Energy | Create Favorable Outcome

Accordingly, we have structured our conversation and collaboration to pivot around 6 points of consideration. This approach honors our perception of sufficient (Sufficient vs Unlimited) talent, goodwill, love and resources, everywhere.

Nurture that which is near and Trust that Love carries far.

6 Points 2 Consider | 6P2C

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6 Books 2 Consider

6point_redblueWe have structured our conversation and collaboration to pivot around 6 points of consideration. This approach honors our perception of sufficient (Sufficient vs Unlimited) talent, goodwill, love and resources, everywhere.

Nurture that which is near and Trust that Love carries far

QMH | Male Health 101 |6P2C | 6 Reference Books 2 Consider

africanholistic21Book 1 | Master Health & Healing Reference
Africa Holistic Health | buy
author: Dr. Leila O Afrika
ISBN-10: 1881316823
ISBN-13: 978-1881316824
website: Dr. O Afrika’s official site

siddharthaBook 2 | The Heroe’s (Initiate’s) Journey
Sidhartha | buy
author: Herman Hess
ASIN: B0015FN05Q
website: Wikipedia

superiormanBook 3 | The Modern Ways of the Divine Male
Way of the Superior Man | buy
author: David Dieda
ISBN-10: 1591792576
ISBN-13: 978-1591792574
website: David Dieda’s official site

imagedb1Book 4 | A Warrior’s Perspective on Liberation
Bhagavad Gita | buy

translator: Stephen Mitchell
ISBN-10: 0609810340
ISBN-13: 978-0609810347
website: Wikepedia

beewayBook 5 | The Shamanic Path to Well Being
Shamanic Way of the Bee | buy

author: Simon Buxton
ISBN-10: 1594771197
ISBN-13: 978-1594771194
website: Simon Buxton’s official site

New Thoughts for the “New Year”

“What we have here… is a failure to communicate.” — spoken by The Captain, the imperious prison warden from Cool Hand Look 1967

I always remembered watching that when I was a little boy.  In fact that is the only thing I remember about the whole entire film beside Paul Newman getting his *ss kicked throughout the entire film.  But that quote transmits so much of what is reflected in how we relate to one another. In this society we have a serious issue with attaching ownership to emotions and things that we profess to love. However, when we examine the way we often treat those we claim to love, I believe that we could all agree that it is anything but a reflection of our own need to feel important. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote the 5 Love Languages, which speaks about how we interpret love in 5 primary ways and how to understand your own way of understanding love so that you can broaden, as well as, get your needs met in relationships.

For example, my children are little people that come into the world to reflect a particular experience that is to be played out in the theatre of family dynamics. This process compresses and brings individuals through various experiences that may one day culminate in an Aha! moment for them.  Yet they accumulate so many of life’s complexities that seemingly take them away from their Aha! moment so that year after year, layer after layer is placed upon the mask that eventually becomes who they present to the world and who they convince themselves they really are.
Yet what many of us reflect often is an amalgamation of expectations, beliefs, wants, wishes and desires of those around us, which in many cases has very little to do what with what we originally sought to reflect in the world.

My thought for this “New Year” is to allow communication to reflect the values of what we want to see in the world.  The things that we want people to remember about us.  The impact that we want to have on the world.  If you currently do not know what impression you would like to leave upon the world, then, that should serve as a  path of discovery to this level of communication. This process won’t always be pretty, it won’t always be what you want to hear, but if it is coming from a place of love make sure that it is true, kind, necessary or better than silence (a jewel of Zen passed to me by my friend Shaila).


Fear of the Unknown : A Void in Being

m147what-would-you-attempt-to-do-unknown-postersPart of my personal transformation includes re-evaluating the role of the unknown in the creative process. Modern business and society mirrors the human host’s fear of the unknown (void, being) and its tendency to seek comfort in the things of the world (activity, transactions, doing). The growing global referendum for substantive change requires a careful redress of the rituals (routines, alliances, patterns) that guide our personal and professional lives.

When serving as a organizational behavior strategist (Shamanic Alchemist), I design work, live and play ecosystems that allow aligned individuals to produce/manifest common goals in a manner that affirms and supports individual being. When we are able to align being and doing, we reduce the toxic affect of polarized thinking and thereby avoid the issues (illness, conflict, scarcity) that accompanies psychic distress.

Embracing the Power of Attraction

shiva-shakti.jpgIn a universe of infinite possibilities nothing occurs by chance. In fact, chance is a concept that lives only in the mind of statisticians and fortune tellers. In truth everything happens because it happens. Probability serves only those who seek to predict the road ahead by peering deep into the past. For those who live in the present “adapt’ is the mantra of choice. This golden path demands releasing control to forces outside the realm of reason. Yet, is it not reason that sets man apart from beast?

What reason do disparate particles have to defy time, space and the odd makers by finding each other across infinite space?

Those who commit acts of spontaneous affection know the power of one moment locked in a cosmic embrace.