Wisdom Life

Wisdom Life Enterprises is a family of companies that focuses on development of people and communities. Wisdom Life accomplishes this by partnering with dynamic groups and individuals that are well suited to service their needs. We provide a multitude of custom designed services and products.

Carlos Williams (Khau Tchaas)
Peace and Blessings all that traverse these pages. I am called Carlos Williams but some know me as Khau Tchaas which means “One Whose Fire is Directed by Wise Counsel” but it also means “One who rules with wisdom and power”.

I came to be Khau Tchaas after first being Carlos Williams for many years. Becoming Muhammed Abdul-Majiid for about six months then returning to being Carlos Williams again for a few more years. When I began to really learn about the history of the world and how I fit into it. I became Herukhuti Shekhem Maa-“God’s Justice and Protection come to me by living truth.”

This name energy enabled me to go through many experiences quickly and learn a great deal about the firey modality that the Creator manifests as. When I reached a plateau I cut my hair, re-dedicated my life to living a righteous existence and I became Khau Tchaas.

Now I am at a new crossroads. I have come through the burning sands to a new place in my life. One where the experiences that have lead me to today, have allowed me to step FULLY into the present where my intention is to manifest the wealth and abundance from Source. These resources allow me to assist others in navigating their transitions that life is unfolding.


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