Are you knocking the process?

“Willing is not enough; we must do. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.”

                                                                                                                                                          –Bruce Lee

What is the Value in Becoming a Leader?

To understand the true value of leadership, is to understand that learning about the principles is not enough. Once they have been committed to memory, the process is not complete. Maxwell’s Law of Process informs us that leadership develops day by day not in one day. I have often heard my mentor say, “It’s not 7 apples a week or 30 a month … Therefore, you can’t wait until the end of the month, then, eat 30 apples on the last day of the month. It will not do you any good, in point of fact, it most likely will make you ill. Instead,eat an apple a day.” You have to commit to the process and do something every day toward developing.

What’s My Experience Been With the Law of Process?

Similarly, the law of process can be likened to some of the principles I learned studying Tai Chi Chuan and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In delving into the Ancient art of Kung Fu, Kung-meaning ‘work or achievement’ and Fu-meaning ‘man’ . We find that when man dedicates himself to a focused, persistent activity over prolonged period of time, it often leads to worthwhile achievement. To illustrate, I have been a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner for more than 18 years. What I learned in that time is a lesson that was lost on me as a younger man. That being, the physical movements of Tai Chi Chuan are the minutest portion of the art form. As with most things in the universe the majority of the real work of Tai Chi Chuan is hidden and happens internally, thus, invisibly. That’s why it’s called an internal martial art. Consequently, the process of becoming a great leader can be likened to becoming a martial arts master.

Explain It To Me Like I’m Six Years Old

The Law of Process is really an internal art. Here is why. The every day ritual of becoming a leader is as important as brushing your teeth. The mechanics are important, the technique vital, and consistency critical to attainment. Correspondingly, one has to acquire the skills involved in negotiation, communication, business processes, project management skills and the like. However, there are other aspects to the internal processes involved in developing the other laws including:

  • Influencing
  • Personal Development
  • Having the Vision
  • Help Others Reach Their Goals
  • Character Development
  • Becoming a Student of Your Industry

Further, it is critical to continually have the courage to be vulnerable in developing existing relationships as well as new ones. In this way one is always covering new ground; these are but a few of the internal aspects of becoming a leader that require time to reach depth and maturity within the an individual.

What Factors Impact Process?

Maxwell asserts that to dedicate oneself to being a life long learner is crucial to not only increasing one’s leadership lid, but also, to havintai chi symbolg the capacity to continue to grow as a person-a vital component in the the Law of Process. Further, the ability to discipline oneself to commit and stay with the plan for self development was pivotal to Mr. Darnell Self, named Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, by the Black Chamber of Commerce for having the largest minority entity in the world. He credits personal development as a key component to his success and development as a leader. In addition, he states that it was through persevering during difficult and trying times that in essence served as a “preparation for the blessings that were already on their way”. Therefore, Mr. Self is now able to show up in the lives of his family, business associates and those that benefit from their work in the form of Fertile Ground, Inc. and other ministry work internationally. However, without perseverance through his process none of that would have been possible.

Where do I start?

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