Response to the “A Realist, Pro-Active Approach to irradiating Hazing for Greek Organizations”

This is in response to an article I read recently

A Realistic, Pro-Active Approach to Irradiating Hazing for Greek Organizations 

Well, while I applaud the effort I think this piece falls far short of identifying the real problem and even further from real solutions. I do not say this lightly. I applaud the desire to do something substantive. The author approached what I feel is a crucial element in his discussion around the pursuit of respect and the desire to brutalize.  First, from my perspective the real source of this issue goes back to a period of 500 years of enslavement followed by about 80 years of Jim Crow Laws and follow that up with continued disinformation, miseducation, and drug proliferation within the African American community. Dr Joyce  DeGruy has conducted extensive research on this subject and can be found here

I think possibly a more effective strategy would be one whereby representatives from Greek Letter organizations to form an initiative in conjunction with Dr. Joy and develop a comprehensive training program that starts with our relationships in the community and in the schools that then feeds into colleges throughout the country, and finally back into the working world through graduate chapters and alumni participation.

Inherent in this system would be an true initiation process that would lead our young men and women through their developmental phases supported by multiple organizations and groups. Through such as system they could acheive the high ideals to which all of our organizations strive. For Phi Beta Sigma brotherhood scholarship and service can have a true impact and culture for service and service for humanity can be more than a nice slogan. I’m just saying…