6 Points to Consider

sixpoint_circles1QMH | Male Health 101 | 6P2C | 6 Points to Consider

We are shifting from expansion to contraction in every aspect of life. Spiritualists refer to time speeding up. Scientists speak of a contracting Universe. While economists marvel at massive retractions in cycles of productivity. Practical wisdom suggests that Conservation and Creativity are the organic response to such dynamics.

Conserve Vital Energy | Create Favorable Outcome

Accordingly, we have structured our conversation and collaboration to pivot around 6 points of consideration. This approach honors our perception of sufficient (Sufficient vs Unlimited) talent, goodwill, love and resources, everywhere.

Nurture that which is near and Trust that Love carries far.

6 Points 2 Consider | 6P2C

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  • 6 Reference Books to Consider
  • 6 Vital Foods to Consider
  • 6 Cooking Spices to Consider
  • 6 Healing Herbs to Consider
  • 6 Vital Practices to Consider

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