6 Books 2 Consider

6point_redblueWe have structured our conversation and collaboration to pivot around 6 points of consideration. This approach honors our perception of sufficient (Sufficient vs Unlimited) talent, goodwill, love and resources, everywhere.

Nurture that which is near and Trust that Love carries far

QMH | Male Health 101 |6P2C | 6 Reference Books 2 Consider

africanholistic21Book 1 | Master Health & Healing Reference
Africa Holistic Health | buy
author: Dr. Leila O Afrika
ISBN-10: 1881316823
ISBN-13: 978-1881316824
website: Dr. O Afrika’s official site

siddharthaBook 2 | The Heroe’s (Initiate’s) Journey
Sidhartha | buy
author: Herman Hess
ASIN: B0015FN05Q
website: Wikipedia

superiormanBook 3 | The Modern Ways of the Divine Male
Way of the Superior Man | buy
author: David Dieda
ISBN-10: 1591792576
ISBN-13: 978-1591792574
website: David Dieda’s official site

imagedb1Book 4 | A Warrior’s Perspective on Liberation
Bhagavad Gita | buy

translator: Stephen Mitchell
ISBN-10: 0609810340
ISBN-13: 978-0609810347
website: Wikepedia

beewayBook 5 | The Shamanic Path to Well Being
Shamanic Way of the Bee | buy

author: Simon Buxton
ISBN-10: 1594771197
ISBN-13: 978-1594771194
website: Simon Buxton’s official site


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