Fear of the Unknown : A Void in Being

m147what-would-you-attempt-to-do-unknown-postersPart of my personal transformation includes re-evaluating the role of the unknown in the creative process. Modern business and society mirrors the human host’s fear of the unknown (void, being) and its tendency to seek comfort in the things of the world (activity, transactions, doing). The growing global referendum for substantive change requires a careful redress of the rituals (routines, alliances, patterns) that guide our personal and professional lives.

When serving as a organizational behavior strategist (Shamanic Alchemist), I design work, live and play ecosystems that allow aligned individuals to produce/manifest common goals in a manner that affirms and supports individual being. When we are able to align being and doing, we reduce the toxic affect of polarized thinking and thereby avoid the issues (illness, conflict, scarcity) that accompanies psychic distress.


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