The Healing Power of Chi

I once had a student in her late fifties coming to my chi kung class. She had been in a very serious car accident and had a broken arm and could barely move her neck. Her appearance was somewhat distressed and she had a worn look on her face as if she had not been getting much rest. I allowed her to come to class and do as much as she did, which was very limited to her physical condition. Within two sessions of particiapting in our group class her appearance and color was much improved. She stated she felt better and was able to move with less pain and she attributed much of her ability to make the transition in her healing to the chi kung.

chi/qi/ki/prana/ra force is the name given for the electromagnetic energy that animates the body. In ancient times various peoples developed forms/sets/katta that they found would build the the life force. The ancient Chinese developed one of most comprehensive systems of cultivating chi. Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, meditation and yoga are a few of the systems.

Over the past 14 years I have practiced some form of all of these art forms and have personally benefited from the healing affects. Through herbal preparations, meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, yoga and Chi Kung I was able to heal my body from a very large peptic ulcer. Over the years I have used the knowledge of these art forms to help my self and others.


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