What is the meaning of Life?

My whole existence is predicated on the meaning of life … Yet when I think about it, that is something that I don’t fully understand. Therefore, is my life not completely understood or is it ever evolving?

When I think back to my younger days, I was always seeking understanding, especially, from those that I loved and cared for, however, because I did not fully understand my self, how could I expect any one else to understand me? This is a mistake that many of us make on a regular basis. Many people think they understand their selves and their purpose but whom among us really has put the time into what it takes understand our selves?

I once had a student that on our first meeting articulated clearly what she thought her path was about, but the more she spoke it became painfully clear that she did not have a clue as to what her purpose was despite how eloquently she elucidated her points. This fact bore out over the years that we have know each other since.

Knowledge of self is the most important thing we can have, but, Western Society has put so much emphasis on external things, bling bling, cars, clothes, cash none of these things, no matter how much is amassed, can bring fulfillment. While it is true that no one can tell us what our purpose in life is there are things that demonstrate that we are on the Red Road, the Path, the Way, walking the Tao.

No one every came into the world to be the best baseball player in the world, the highest paid model or the best basketball player, we come to the Earth for one purpose and that is to develop our spiritual selves. We all have different paths through which this is accomplished but ultimately our goal is the same to realize our true selves, for some people this life is about enjoying the fruits of past work, for others it is to right wrongs, others come to experience the cruelty and malice that they have dealt out for lifetime after lifetime. What ever our path is it leads us down a road of self discovery. Anything else is most assuredly ego.


4 thoughts on “What is the meaning of Life?

  1. I may have misunderstood the reasoning behind your statement. Whether or not someone imagines something to be or believe a certain way, does not make it real? What is it about people and their lives that is developing that life?

    Whether a divine cog is behind people’s lives is through spiritual technology in fact knowable see, Dagara, see Dogon, see Zulu, see Dine, see Hopi, etc.

    The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath” (compare spiritus asper), but also “soul, courage, vigor”, ultimately from a PIE root *(s)peis- (to blow).

    In one sense the state in which one lives is deeply connected to the science of the breath and this technology is illustrated through the Ancient Egyptian “Book of Breathing” and in Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras” as well as Buddhist mindfulness techniques, etc. etc.

    In the Vulgate, the Latin word translates Greek (πνευμα), pneuma (Hebrew (רוח) ruah), as opposed to anima, translating psykhē. The word was loaned into Middle English via Old French The distinction between soul and spirit became current in Judeo-Christian terminology (e.g. Greek. psykhe vs. pneuma, Latin anima vs. spiritus, Hebrew ruach vs. neshama or nephesh; in Hebrew neshama from the root NSHM or breath.) (retrieved from Wikipedia, 6/07/08)

  2. No doubt there is a rich history in believing in a divine cog. In the same way that lack of belief doesn’t negate something, belief doesn’t mean its really there or create it.

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